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A wide variety of products aimed at the professional distributor with the most competitive advantages and a wide range to choose from. Water purification equipment, descaling, taps, spare parts, among others, guaranteed efficiency.

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Wide range of products aimed at the hotel and restaurant trade with hot and cold water dispensers and high production water treatment equipment..

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Exclusive sale

The most exclusive Water Treatment products aimed at companies exclusive sale. We offer compact and direct flow reverse osmosis systems, descaling, hydrogenated water, ozone, 3-way faucet and descaler. The most products selected with the highest levels of performance.

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Osmofilter has more than 15 years of experience in the wastewater treatment sector. residential and industrial water, offering our customers products with the most advanced technology and innovation, thanks to our own manufacturing.

In addition, we make available to our customers our wide variety of services:

  • Residential and industrial
    technical assistance service.
  • Advice.
  • Training.
  • Engineering department.
  • Logistics


We invite you to visit our new facilities take one preview of the services that we can offer you in a more visual way through the video that accompanies this text.

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Our Water

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More than 6000m2

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Own manufacturing

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Own design and engineering team

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World export

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More than 3000 references


We distribute to more than 23 countries.

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One of our maxims has always been to have ecological and highly reliable equipment in our product folder. Providing our customers with a competitive and innovative range of products

We have managed to develop our products with different technologies to eliminate viruses and bacteria, always offering safe water for consumption..



Committed to the environment:

  • Minimize pollution in our manufacturing
  • Minimize water waste as much as possible, developing new technologies in our membranes..
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Osmofilter has collaborated since 2019 with the Casa Ronald McDonald Foundation in Valencia, Spain, where we help more than 300 families annually with reverse osmosis systems, active oxygen, ozone generators and air purifiers.

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We do not sell to the final consumer, we work through distributors.

If you are interested in our products, leave us your information and we will tell you which one is the most suitable for you..

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