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Eliminates odours, viruses and bacteria


Ozonized water equipment with very simple maintenance that achieves great oxidizing power to eliminate viruses and bacteria and leaves no chemical residue. It can be used on any surface or for washing machines. Includes faucet.

Eliminate cleaning products

The high oxidizing power of Cleozone for washing machines means that we can do our laundry without the need to use detergents or any cleaning product, which results in great savings in our pockets

Protect the environment

By eliminating cleaning products, we prevent more chemicals that pollute the oceans from being dumped on a daily basis

Cleaning of any surface

The tap that includes Cleozone to be installed on the third outlet of the equipment, offers the possibility of filling buckets of water that we can use later to clean any surface (floors, windows, wood, vehicles, tiles, screens)


Cleozone only requires cold water, so we will save on our bill by not using hot water at any time..


Should I use detergent?

One of the great benefits of O3 Washer is that you can reduce or stop using chemical laden detergents.

Is it necessary to pretreat stains?

There are difficult stains that need to be pretreated before cleaning with O3 Washer.

Should I use hot or cold water?

You should only use cold water, ozone is diluted with hot water. Also, Washing with hot water is more expensive and it is bad for the environment because it consumes a lot of energy to heat it..

Easy installation

No chemical residue

Eliminate bacteria


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