Industrial project

Osmofilter supports the engineering and companies through its technical department offering solutions to the different problems of water treatment. In addition to the technical support we also offer the technical training of its installers, technical support in situ, customized products and assembly in our facilities, etc. Osmofilter works today with the best brands of water treatment equipment such as: Pentair, Siata, Levatit, Purolite, Vontron, Filmtec, Grundfos, etc.

Customized project

Development of projects adapted to the client's needs

Engineering Department

Team of experts looking for the best solution

Start up

Delivery of the "turnkey" project to the customer

Distribution in 5 continents

We cover a wide range of countries thanks to our network of distributors

Industrial products

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Treatments adapted to any sector


General Industry

This section encompasses all types of industry in which there is a productive process in which water intervenes in a main or secondary role, and which, as part of the production process, water quality is capital in achieving good results.


Pharmaceutical Industry, Biochemistry...

Design and manufacture of water purification equipment by combination of ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis of one or two stages and electrodeionization sanitizable with chemical or hot water, with all its components suitable for sanitary use.


Steam Boilers

The treatment of water from a steam boiler or hot water is essential to ensure a long life free of operational problems, major repairs and accidents. Avoiding corrosion and incrustations problems in the boiler.


Food & Wine Industry

Water plays a very important role in the food industry, and we can separate different types of water within the food industry: irrigation water, animal drink water and water for food and beverage processing. Special mention deserves the wine industry.


Energy Industry

As a rule they are very high purity waters, since they are used to feed high pressure boilers, pure steam generation or in electronic components, where we can not have any type of waste. The use of this type of water is centered in power plants, biomass or biodiesel plants, sunbeds or in combined cycles.



Water as found in nature is not directly usable for human consumption, because, except in very rare cases, it is not purely pure. We have some water sources, which with a simple physicochemical treatment could be converted to fit for human consumption.