Since 2012 Osmofilter has formed a strategic alliance with the manufacturer of membranes Vontron to offer all its clients the latest technology in reverse osmosis membranes, counting in our different warehouses with a large stock of the different models that Vontron has in the market.

The duration time of reverse osmosis membranes is variable and depends on the quality of the water being passed through them. Based on the chemical composition of feed water, an approximate time can be estimated.

For most applications membrane performance is defined as rejection of total dissolved solids (TDS), ionic species (mineral salts) or conductivity.

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What is the life time of a reverse osmosis membrane?

A reverse osmosis membrane in a properly designed industrial equipment usually has a longer service life than normal. Periodic maintenance with membrane cleaning chemicals is important, following the manufacturer's advice. In water with high concentrations of dissolved solids, hardness or presence of silica it is necessary to meter an antifouling by means of a pump, also a pre-treatment that normally does not incorporate the equipment, for example: removal of particles in suspension by cartridges Of sediment or mixed bed equipment and active carbon equipment or softeners, where necessary.


Filtered Particle Size Classification

Particle Filtration: 1 to 1000 microns
Microfiltración: 0.1 to 1 micron
Ultrafiltración: 0.01 to 0.1 microns
Nanofiltración: From 10 to 100 Å
Ósmosis inversa: From 1 to 10 Å

Membranas Vontron Osmoilter