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Eliminates water hardness

Slimline - Made in Belgium

The Slimline softener is going to change the way you feel about water. You'll experience it with silky hair and smoother skin after your shower or bath. In a better and smoother shave. Enjoy whiteness, brilliance and softness in towels and bedding after washing. Reduce stains on crockery and glassware. Softened water will improve all facets of your daily life.

The most advanced technology

Statistical softener with up to 24 different diagnoses. Know first-hand the status and health of your softener equipment. Slimline has smart software.


The programming of the system is low consumption, so we will achieve significant savings in water and salt. Slimline softeners carry out regeneration with dry salt.

Safety buoy

slimline includes safety buoy to prevent overflow.

Dry salt regeneration

Smart software

Statistical softeners with up to 24 diagnoses

Low consumption programming


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