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Take care of the skin of the most sensitive

Ceramic disc valve

Countercurrent regeneration with digital programming and low consumption of salt and water. Available with both instantaneous volumetric and delayed volumetric. Noryl valve, includes by-pass.

Large resin and salt capacity. 35 liters of resin.

The large capacity Danna softener can store up to 35 liters of resin. The best option for large residential consumption


Faster and easier installation and maintenance thanks to the bypass included in the system.

Save water and salt

The Danna softener performs countercurrent regeneration, thus achieving a more ecological and superior performance.

Connection 1

1” valve connection, easier installation and more efficient performance.

Monosphere resin Better ion exchange

Safety buoy Prevents overflow

Countercurrent regeneration Low water and salt consumption

Bypass Included


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